Anna Barthelme

Each piece is its own story.

Have you ever splurged on a beautiful new dress or boots or leather jacket only to see about 100 people (if not a thousand) wearing that same thing all over town? 1965 is about being different.

1965 believes in the beauty of the individual. It is our intention to create beautiful, strong, functional statement pieces that make you feel gorgeous and make you stand out.

We are a small independent lady-owned business. We focus on buying exquisite yarns in limited batches.

Our sweaters are made by hand in Los Angeles, CA. Making each piece as ordered cuts down on waste.

But really…

the truth is I don’t want to loose the unique quality of each individual piece. And how about not creating clothing until its been summoned? Expending precious material and human energy until another human has said they want and will use the object. What an incredible way to save the world from the overflow of “stuff” that has become the norm. Only YOU will have the piece that I make for you. I am connected to it by making it and you are connected by wearing it. That way you and I are connected. Pretty cool, huh?